The success story begins at the end of 2003, realized by Branko Karapejoski, with an idea for his own business whose main activity is electrostatic powder coating of metal elements. Today we have grown into a small company that makes metal accessories that meet the requirements of customers from the domestic and foreign markets.

By gradually upgrading to modern production equipment, building professional staff and with many years of work and effort, we have built a modern metal production company that continuously improves the quality of its permanent products and creates new ones.

From 2017 we moved to a new production space of 1,350 m² and 600 m² warehouse space.

DEKO META stands out as the largest manufacturer of air conditioner holders in the country.

Company history


Procurement of CNC Press brake WEK 80/2500

Procurement of Fiber Laser ЕЕТО FLSA 2KW


Moving the production to a new location, s. Selce


Building of a new facility for electrostatic powder coating


Procurement of CNC Press brake


Expansion of the workshop with an area of 400 m²


Procurement of basic production machines